author: C. Langley

Uptown Aces Casino: Best Bonuses & Coupon Codes

Uptown Aces: Worth or Not?

Uptown Aces casino was established relatively recently. This was the year 2012. Of course, we cannot say for sure if it is a long period or a short period because everybody has its own perceptions. The only thing that matters is that this period was used with benefit, and the casino managed to become one of those casinos that can be considered as leaders of gambling area.

What about Aces casino? Now, it is going to be the time to talk about 4 types of bonuses, 5 types of games, about ways to get support, including FAQ option, about methods of banking and measures of security. In the end of the article, the conclusion of my own point of view will be waiting for you. Great rhymes, huh? Well, let’s not stop on it and get to the chase. Scroll down! My review is waiting for you to be read.

Sign Up Bonus for New Club Members

The biggest hope of almost every newbie is getting a bonus for which he/she does not need to commit depositing, as in no deposit bonus. In ClubPlayer casino, it is possible to get sign up bonus only after making a deposit. Moreover, here, there is a huge welcome pack which can bring up to $8888 and 350 free spins is divided into six parts, and each part supposes commiting a separate deposit.

  • The 1st depositing: this one brings its maker 250% bonus. To gain the prizes of this bonus pack part (50 free spins + money in the amount of up to $2500), you should use coupon code “UPTOWN1ACES”;
  • The 2nd depositing: this one brings its maker 150% bonus. To gain the prizes of this bonus pack part (50 free spins + money in the amount of up to $1500), you should use coupon code “UPTOWN2ACES”;
  • The 3rd depositing: this one brings its maker 100% bonus. To gain the prizes of this bonus pack part (50 free spins + money in the amount of up to $1000), you should use bonus code “UPTOWN3ACES”;
  • The 4th depositing: this one brings its maker 100% bonus. To gain the prizes of this bonus pack part (50 free spins + money in the amount of up to $1000), you should use bonus code “UPTOWN4ACES”;
  • The 5th depositing: this one brings its maker 100% bonus. To receive the prizes of this bonus pack part (50 free spins + money in the amount of up to $1000), you should use one of the promo codes “UPTOWN5ACES”;
  • The 6th depositing: this one brings its maker 188% bonus. To gain the prizes of this bonus pack part (50 free spins + money in the amount of up to $1888), you should use one of the promo codes “UPTOWN6ACES”.

Low Playthrough Welcome Bonus

A new player can also become the owner of the other welcome bonus offer. This offer is available only on your 1st deposit. What should you know about it? Well, it is a 100% match bonus that is going to bring its owner up to 100 dollars. For this, it is a necessity to enter “100ACES” coupon code. The offer can be applied to such games: keno, slots and scratch cards.

Free Games Bonus

The casino owners have come to one thought which supposes a necessity to foresee all cases that can happen. In our situation, the talk is about players’ preferences. For example, as there is an offer that applies to slots, there is also an offer that applies to table games & video poker. So, if you are a fan of the last ones, make use of the things that are offered to you.

The bonus pack is divided into 2 parts. For example, when you pass the first pack part, as in commit the first deposit, you will receive 150% bonus which is up to 750 dollars. Entering coupon code “TABLEACES1” is a necessity. When you pass the second pack part (the second deposit), you will receive 75% bonus which is up to 750 dollars one more time. Use “TABLEACES2” code to grab it.

Comp Points

In online casino, there is such thing as comp points. They will get activated the minute you complete your very first depositing. So, what does the whole comp points thing mean? This means that every wagered dollar will let you earn a specific money sum. When you manage to reach a hundred points, they will become available for converting, as in 100 points equal 1 dollar. Do not miss the chance to receive additional promo prizes.

Table Games

The diapason of free games is wide on, I can say that, but for now, I would like to talk about table games. So, I picked a game for describing it in terms of general info and rules. My choice was focused on such table game, as European blackjack.

European blackjack can be described next way. This is the game that everybody needs to know.

The European version of this game is a very popular card game in casino institutions and presented mainly in European casinos. This game is not very different from the classic version, so we can argue that these options have the same origin.

The similarity is expressed in the rules and the basic idea. The mechanism of the game also almost coincides in both the European and classical versions. European blackjack can be played on the Internet in real time or as recorded version. Consider the main provisions of the rules of European blackjack and get acquainted with it as well:

  • the game is played with two standard 52-card decks;
  • a combination of cards from 21 points wins automatically;
  • you can draw up to 11 cards;
  • dealer can take up to 17 cards
  • the prime rate and doubling is lost if the dealer scores 21 points and you do not;
  • insurance is possible if the dealer’s card lying face down is an ace;
  • doubling prohibited after separation; double separation prohibited;
  • there is no way to refuse distribution;
  • the dealer shows his first card only after all players have made a move;
  • the percentage of profit for the casino is 0.39% (0.11% more if the first card rule applies).

Video Poker

Our next point is video poker, and the choice to talk about is “Deuces Wild Video Poker”. “Deuces Wild Poker” is a free online video pokies game with the traditional rules for playing. It uses a classic deck of 52 cards without jokers. The deck is shuffled before the distribution of cards. All deuces play the role of jokers, replacing the missing cards in regular poker combinations and contributing to the formation of additional combinations.

The goal of playing Deuces Wild Poker video poker is to receive payments for the collected combination. Once, a player is permitted to change up to five cards for free. Deuces Wild Poker includes combinations from tris to royal flush. With the participation of deuces, combinations of “Five of a Kind” and “Wild Royal Flush” are also formed. For a separate coefficient, the gain for four deuces is accrued. You can specify the amount of payments for combinations in a special table of the game.

You can play Deuces Wild Poker video poker for 1, 4, 10, or 25 hands. If the game is played on one hand, betting is allowed one to five coins with face value from one cent to one euro. With an increase in the number of hands, the maximum bet decreases. For example, 25 lines for each of them accept up to five coins with a face value of up to five cents.

It is always recommended to bet 5 coins (of any denomination), because at such a rate, it becomes possible to become the owner of a significantly increased payout on the royal flush combination. In this case, it is 4000 coins. During the game, the user receives 5 starting cards. He discards those that he does not need, and receives new ones in return. If he plays on several hands, the cards that are left are duplicated along all lines, and new ones are dealt from individual decks. Next, payments are made for the resulting combinations, if any.

In Deuces Wild video poker, you can run a risk game by chance. It is allowed to bet the entire payout for a round or half of it. In this game, you need to try on the first attempt to find a card that is “older” than the dealer’s card. A good choice doubles the payout. If you are unlucky, you lose the bet. So, I would recommend it to playing, because it is interesting and the interface is easy for navigating.

Slot Games

Slots are considered to be the most frequently played kind of casino games, and I would not argue about it. Let’s talk about one of the slots that are presented in Uptown Aces casino. The name of this online slot is Super 6. The manufacturer of the machine is Real Time Gaming, its type is a video slot.

This machine has a fairly large number of lines: seven hundred twenty-nine (729). This game has an automatic game, a free symbol, free spins, but has no progressive jackpot. There is also a scatter symbol. The minimum and maximum rates per line are unknown. The number of reels in this slot machine is six.

FAQ Category

Well, let’s start with the fact that we can consider FAQ as one of the ways to receive the answers in case of emergency. For the comfort of users, the designers of the casino’s site have divided frequently asked questions into some categories:

  • “Cashier”;
  • “Technical”;
  • “User Account”;
  • “Promotions”;
  • “Support”.

Believe me, there is a better part of all questions that may come on the way of casino users. Sometimes, it is not a necessity to get in touch with the staff, as FAQ is quite enough to get the answers. But if you cannot find the answers there, read the next paragraph.

Client Support

The casino says that you will always have a personal agent if you play here. The question is how to contact that personal helper? Everything is too easy. Take a look at three options that the casino has on the offer:

  • Live Chat. This option is considered to be the most convenient way to receive help, as live chat is built into the site of the casino and does not require to make any additional efforts to make use of it. Plus, it works 24 hours a day.
  • E-Mail. In case if you need any kind of assistance, you can get it from UpTown Aces workers by writing them via email. The casino’s address is displayed on the “Support” page.
  • Phone. In this case, you will be able to contact the staff with the help of two contact numbers that are displayed on the site.

Methods of Banking

Actually, I do not see any sense to talk about depositing methods in details, as all details can be observed on the attached picture. Those details include payment method name, bonus on deposit presence or absence, processing time, availability to use the method for deposit/for withdrawal. Take a look at the picture and see for yourself.

We can see the same story here. Simply take a look at the attached screenshot that was taken by me. Here, you can see such details as, the name of withdrawal method, minimum and maximum sums for cashing out, presence/absence of fees, payout requests and small descriptions on each method. The logos of brands are also included.

Measures of Security

First of all, SSL-protocol which is considered to be the latest encryption technology is used. This security measures is used for protecting personal information as well as for protecting financial information. When you share your personal details or when you commit monetary transfers, you can be calm, as it becomes encrypted the minute it was shared.

This is the main component of privacy policy, but I can also point out information about casino license. The gambling portal named UpTownAces has received license in Curacao and now can be proud of it, because Curacao licensing is like some kind of approval and safety guarantee. Don’t you think so?

Conclusion on Uptown Aces

Do you agree that it is appropriate to start the last part “Conclusion” once everything has been already said? I think it is. So, come on. Let’s put the thoughts together and point out strong sides of Uptown Aces Casino one more time. Ready? Go!


Bonuses 9.8/10
Slots 9.1/10
Table Games 9.6/10
Video Poker 9.7/10
Support & FAQ 9.8/10
Banking 9.2/10
Security 9/10
Average 9.5/10

There is at least one thing that must be pointed out. Yep, I am talking about games because I liked its range and how the games are divided. Table games can be found in “Table Games” section, slots can be found in “Slots” section and so on. This is really comfy. I also decided to talk about 3 games of various genres, so you could understand what you are going to deal with.

I was not right. There are lots of things that must be pointed out. For example, bonuses deserve the biggest attention, as there are lots of them, including general welcome bonus up to $8888, including bonuses that are spread on table games/keno/poker/slots separately and other types of promos.

There is also a couple things that are going to be mentioned only in the “Conclusion” part. Those things are availability to play from different word parts (whether it is England or Canada, whether it is New Zealand or Australia) and availability to play with both desktop and mobile gadgets. If you ask if it is needed to download casino’s mobile app, I would say no. Browser is the only thing that is needed.

“Banking” part was fully shown with the help of screenshots that I had took on the website. There, you can observe the names of banking methods, its processing time, info about fees, minimum/maximum amounts of money per one transfer and other type of financial information.

The best part is security, because it is on the high level and touches both financial and personal information. As well as information about financial transfers and its details, personal details are protected too. This is done perfectly with the help of SSL-protocol, the latest encryption technology. This way, you can leave the worries and start playing in UpTownAces casino.

In case of trouble, you are always guaranteed to get satisfying answers from the workers of UpTownAces gambling portal. All you need to do is to pick one out of three available “help methods”. So, I think this is the end of our review. That is everything that I wanted to say. Goodbye now! I wish you luck with the gambling career at UpTown Aces casino! Login and launch instant play!