author: C. Langley

Casino Slots of Vegas: Sign Up With Ease and Play With Pleasure.

If you say that you do not know that gambling is the most popular and commonly used method to get entertainment and money on the Web, I will not believe you. Of course, you would not say so, because you know how popular it is these days and how many people start gambling activity to have fun and get free money. But what are the reasons? Let’s deal with this question.

As you know, there are two types of casinos: land-based and virtual. Undoubtedly, land-based casinos were those that were established first, but the world is changing all the time and landed institutions cannot satisfy all customers fully (which we cannot say about online casinos). Online casinos, in turn, can satisfy those customers.

If to talk about location terms, online ones definitely win. Not all people can go to land-based casinos because of physical inability to get to those places, but all people can get to online websites because the Internet is available for everybody. Of course, a particular casino can have particular restrictions and may not accept customers from some countries, but that is another conversation already. You will find at least 1 casino that will accept you, that is for sure.

So, as you can see, virtual gaming portals are more comfortable in such terms, but it may also be scaring to play on the Internet because the possibility to get deceived does not disappear. It disappears only in one case: when you are sure about the selected portal. And to ensure that the casino is reliable, you need to read/watch reviews, ask other gamblers who experienced playing there and check the casino’s rates. Do not be lazy and do this, as the talk is about your safety. In turn, I want to tell you about Slots of Vegas casino today, if you do not mind.

The Best Gaming Portal Since 2004

As you can guess it from the name of the paragraph, the portal named casino Slots of Vegas was established on the Internet in 2004. It has been working for 15 years already. Since then, it has also been gaining customers from numerous countries, starting with Canada and ending with Australia.

Unfortunately, not all countries are permitted to play due to the casino’s decision, though, countries like England or New Zealand are accepted. Where to find the listing of accepted countries? I think it does not make sense to do it, as there is a simpler option. Go to the site through the link, and if your country is not accepted, you will be immediately notified about it. Though, lots of customers keep using VPN to play with this platform if they want to play in this exact place.

Website Versions & Gadgets

I had a bad connection to the Internet when I started downloading the site of Casino Slots of Vegas. Actually, I was too surprised. As a rule, all casino sites show messages, such as “You have a bad connection. Please, try later.” or something like. When such thing happened here, the site opened with all functions, including registration forms. The message told that offline version is available and can let you surf the site despite bad connection. I was like, “Yes, that is the service I was looking for.”

What about gadgets? If you are looking for a casino which provides the opportunity to gamble with variety of devices and ways, you have definitely come to the best place. You can play mobile gadgets (if you launch the site with a browser or if you download SlotsOfVegas mobile app; you can upload it for Android or for iOS device as well) and desktop/PC devices. Luckily, you have a choice.

Exclusive Welcome Bonus & Promotions

I do not now how to start talking about bonuses. Let’s start with the fact that I like talking about bonuses and I like bonuses in general. Well, who does not? So, maybe, SlotsofVegas does not grant you no deposit bonus, that’s what I know, but who said that the listing of offers cannot be generous if it does not include no deposit bonus? I do not know who it was, but such thoughts are not true.

You will be pleased to find out what bonus is waiting for you as for new player of Slots of Vegas. The percentage of your slots welcome bonus is 250%. So, it means, when you deposit 100 dollars, you receive those dollars back + you receive 250 additional dollars, and, as a result, play with 350 dollars. The maximum sum can reach 2500 dollars. Do you want to have fun now? Go ahead. Oh, wait, that is not all. To get newbie bonus, enter bonus code “NEW250”.

If to talk about promos and promo codes to it, I can also point out one more welcome offer which is more general than the precious one. If previous one lets you spend money on slots only, this one lets you spend money with all casino games, but the percentage is smaller (190%). The maximum sum can reach 1900 dollars. This bonus is also very beneficial. To get it, use promo code “NEW190”. Register, login and take your bonuses.

Peachy Games | More Than 180 Options

At this moment, casino website “says” that it consists of and can provide more than 180 free games of all types. But what types of games are here in general? Unfortunately, there are no live games. At first, I was upset about it, because I like playing with real dealers, but when I started playing recorded games, I understood that everything is good even without live games.

So, now I can say that those 180 (approximately amount) games were divided and put into several categories, such as category “Online Slots”, such as category “Table Games”, such as category “Video Poker”, such as category “Specialty Games” and also, there is the category where all games are displayed in its whole amount.

My Slot Choice

The Mermaids Pearl online slot machine was introduced to the public in 2014. It was developed and released by Novomatic, a popular casino gambling provider. The creators have chosen one of the most popular and mysterious themes of folklore of many countries which is the history of the mermaid.

This mysterious character has been causing a lot of controversy and disagreement for millennia. But here, everything is very clear and nice about her. Appearing on the screen, the mermaid will certainly give you a generous win. The percentage of return of funds of the slot is 96.17%, which is a high indicator and is combined with its average dispersion. You can play Mermaids Pearl for free and without registration.

The slot machine is decorated in a classic style and does not include modern visual effects and three-dimensional graphics. In general, the slot adheres to Novomatic policy, so it will not be difficult to deal with the traditional interface. But it is worth noting the musical composition accompanies the entire gameplay, which will often be interrupted by the loud sounds of winning combinations. It is worth playing Mermaids Pearl for free to see for yourself the simplicity of the machine, but at the same time its interesting and exciting genre.

The gameplay of the slot runs along nine lines and five reels. The player sets the number of lines himself. The spin bet level has a wide diapason. You can bet from 1 to 100 credits per line, and the maximum amount per spin can reach 900 coins, which will undoubtedly please those who play Mermaid Pearl for real money.

If to talk about my general impression, I will say the following. Of course, this is not the best slot with the most modern details ever, but it deserves attention, and I like it a lot. Interesting theme is combined with frequent wins, which makes it quite popular. Mermaids Pearl is also free to play, so, go ahead, try your luck and see if you can win.

Payments & Money Transfer Methods

To commit such money transfer as deposit, Slots of Vegas gaming portal offer you to choose one of the following methods that are currently available and offered to you on the official casino website:

  • Visa/MasterCard PO (payment option). This option supposes using debit or credit card. Both cards are accepted, so you will not need to open a debit card if you use credit one, and otherwise;
  • Neteller. These days, this method is very popular, but, unfortunately, cannot used in countries, such as the USA, such as Singapore, such as France, such as Spain, such as Canada and such as Germany. If you are a resident of one of those countries, you will not be able to count on this service. The other players are more than welcome;
  • Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world in this year. Not all casinos provide such service, but Slots of Vegas decided that such decision would be appropriate. So, if you want to use cryptocurrency and not cards or e-wallets, you are welcome to use Bitcoin for depositing in this online casino.

To commit such money transfer as withdrawal, Slots of Vegas gaming portal offer you to choose one of the following methods that are currently available and offered to you on the official casino website:

  • Neteller. As I said, this one cannot be used in countries, such as the USA, such as Singapore, such as France, such as Spain, such as Canada and such as Germany. It is a pity, but we cannot do anything about it. Though, I think that customers who can use this method are lucky ones, because they do not need to use two different ways for deposits and withdrawals, as they can use only one Neteller;
  • Bitcoin. Well, I have said about it already. It is the most well-known cryptocurrency which you can use if you gamble with SlotsofVegas casino. You will get cash out in the currency you choose. There is nothing hard about withdrawing process with Bitcoin;
  • Bank Wire. This method may set additional requirements, including setting the smallest amount of withdrawal that is available. This amount is 200 dollars. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with support of the casino and make unclear things clear.
  • Bank Checks. This method cannot be called too profitable for you, but there is a place for it too. Why can’t I call this method profitable? Everything is simple: such method supposes paying fees and close expenses that bank did for processing your request. But if it does not bother you, that’s fine. This method is 24/7 available.

Protection & Support

Casino protects you different ways, but first of all, it honestly “tells” what information of yours it collects. This information can be observed in “Privacy Policy” which is displayed on website. It is said that the website has two types of info: the one that you provided during registration and the one that the casino portal analysis, as in they collect traffic info. It means that the site remembers what games you play, what pages you visit, so it starts showing offers according to your preferences.

To encrypt both types of information and make gambling activity with Slots of Vegas Casino safe for you, the owners decided to use SSL-protocol of 256 bits. In case you do not know, this is the latest technology the aim of which is to encrypt (make invisible) all details of your confidential information. This way, it can be safe and hidden from unwanted parties.

The casino promises that the workers will help in any case of emergency. They promise that they work 24 hours a day, and I undoubtedly believe them, because when I needed help, I got it immediately. When I tried to sign up, there were messages that “logging in failed”. Of course, this situation did not satisfy me, so I contacted the staff to find out what is going on. The answer was fast.

They said that the server was overloaded and they were working on it at that moment. They advised to wait a little and try later, as wait about 20-30 minutes. That’s what I did. I understand that such portals have lots of visitors make use of the site, so it is clear why technical problems appear. Nothing works perfect, as we know, but it is good to know that in such situations, you can receive help.

I forgot to mention what method I had used, sorry. In general, there are two options. The first option lets us get in touch with SlotsofVegas by email or by live service. I used the second way because I thought that this one would work faster for me. If you prefer using email, that’s fine, use it. You are allowed to do that.

What Can We Say as a Verdict?

I think that my evaluations say about my impressions better, but still, I want to describe my feelings and thoughts on Slots of Vegas casino. Of course, it is not perfect, and nothing is perfect, but it is worth to point out strong sides of the casino that is considered to be the one of the leading casinos nowdays.

Bonuses 9.7/10
Games 9.1/10
Payment Methods 8.2/10
Protection & Privacy 9.8/10
Support Service 9.8/10
Average 9.3/10

It looked good for me that welcome offers were presented in two forms, so newbies could decide what is more suitable for them. If they want to try themselves in slots, they can choose welcome offer number 1. If they want to try themselves in the casino in general, the welcome offer number 2 will be more suitable. I think that it is great that SlotsofVegas lets us decide what we want.

The portal was provided with more than 180 free games and is ready to present them to us, to its precious customers. Now, we can enjoy playing slots, playing table games, playing games with jackpots that grow all the time and others. I decided to tell you about one of my favorite slots and I hope that you liked it.

Currently, there are 3 methods for depositing and 4 methods for withdrawing, including cryptocurrency, banking cards and e-wallets. Yes, the range of methods for money transfers do not include dozens of options, but it includes those that are reliable. Quality is always more important than quantity. What else? If you need help, you can contact the staff in live mode on the site directly or use email. This is it. That is all I wanted to say.

Before writing my own review, I checked reviews of other customers and gambling experts, I experience it myself, so now, I can put everything I knew together into one accurate article. Well, I would like to recommend you playing with Slots of Vegas casino, but I better say that you need to play if you want to. I wish you luck. Make a decision and win free money. Everything lies in your hands.