author: C. Langley

Casino ScandiBet: Play or Bet. Great Games Diapason Here.

Gamblers from all world consider online gambling the best way to play & work. I use “work” in the meaning of “earn money” and “win money”. In the past, the only way to practice activity of gambling was going to landed casinos, but the world is moving further. So is gambling industry. It is more comfortable to stay at home and use computer or mobile phone that pass kilometers to get to land-based institution.

Moreover, a lot of countries have already decided to close landed gambling and to make it strictly forbidden. The best way to get out of this situation for casinos was moving into the Internet and its own virtual gaming world. Any platform can join this world, but as websites are not controlled as well, unreliable platform may get on your way.

So, please, I ask you to be very attentive when you choose a casino and deposit money there. You need to be sure about the selected gaming portal, as you do not want to have your data and money stolen, do you? Well, it may seem like I am trying to scare, but I don’t mean to do it. I just want to warn you about possible cases. To avoid unwanted situations, I offer you to read my personal review about Scandi Bet casino.

We all know that countries, such as England and Canada (for example) are counted to be centres of online playing, but who said they cannot move to countries, such as New Zealand, such as Australia or Scandinavian countries? The last ones will suit to my today’s review the most. So, you are welcome to feel like a Viking today. Scroll down to read my thoughts o Scandibet.

The Main ScandiBet Information

The main information Scandibet casino information will consist of the year of foundation, licensing documents and points on which we are going to stop today. So, the casino became accessible in the year 2017, and since then, it tries to attract gamers from all world’s parts. To be honest, it manages to do this. Customers adore playing here and setting bets here.

The casino named Scandibet has an official license which it managed to gain from MGA that is counted as one of the strictest authorities in the area of gambling on the Internet. Well, I will tell you more about licensing and safety measures that were taken in the next paragraph. So, wait a little until you get to that paragraph.

Today’s points will be protections measures, clients care, free games and slots particularly, overview of slot “Sakura Fortune”, sports & live betting, versions of the site and my own verdict with my personal evaluation. All of this will become visible for you if you scroll through the page. So, let’s get it started.

Protection Measures

When you are in search for a casino, you are literally in search for a place where you not only receive entertainment, but can feel safe with no doubts about that safety. Every casino, including ScandiBet, must remember that the safety of customers is the main priority. Fortunately, Scandi Bet understands this and does its best to provide reliable services.

The first thing you should know is that the casino was licensed by Maltese law, in turn, this guarantees that the level of provided services are on the high level and are controlled in the strictest manner. The casino strives to adhere to principles of ISO27001 and desires to help you keep your information encrypted.

Also, you need to understand what info of yours can be used and kept, how it is used and what purposes for its using exist for the casino. First of all, as you can remember, you provide your personal info (such as name, such as contact number, such as address and so on) while registering. This information will be kept within the website but will not be visible for the other people.

The other kind of information is going to be collected during your activity sessions. This kind is also known as “Traffic” or “Tracked Information”. That means: when you surf through site, when you play games, when you add “favorite games” etc., the casino starts saving such information for giving your further recommendations. None of two kinds will be used by the casino in the ways that are dangerous for you.

Clients Care

In some way, the previous paragraph and the one that I am going to talk about now are connected between each other. As you know, Scandibet does its best to protect your data, but we also know that Internet is not the safest thing of the world, so not everything depends on our actions and services of the casino. Sometimes, there may various intrusions and attacks even despite the fact that security measures are strict.

Anyway, if you notice any suspicious actions that come out of your profile and that are not done by you, it is possible to get in touch with Scandibet to notify the workers about such suspicious actions. Well, there are several reasons to contact the staff, starting with inability to log in and ending with questions about banking options, for example.

You can reach the workers and get answers from them 2 ways, and both suppose creating written request. The first way is aimed at sending your written request by email which can be reached on site. The other way of the site supposes opening built-in live chat and communicate with the workers with the help of it. It is even not necessary to login if you need help. All requests and questions are reviewed. Also, you need to remember that the customer care service is opened from 08:00 to 00:30 each day. In turn, FAQ is opened 24/7.

Free Games: Variety of Slots

Currently, ScandiBet offers playing slots mostly. Among the most popular ones, you can notice slot with the name “Starburst” that almost every casino has and on which free spins bonus is often spread, slot with the name “Sahara Nights”, slot with the name “Lil Devil” and others. The reasons to like slots is simple, because slots are simple too and do not require special skills or additional knowledge.

Besides slots, players can also enjoy gambling with croupiers that are real and play with you in real time. There are lots of free games of live version, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other games like “Dream Catcher”. Not all gamblers can gamble at landed institution to feel the casino atmosphere, but they can do it if they play live games at Scandibet.

Slot “Sakura Fortune”

This is an overview of the new Sakura Fortune slot machine with themes of Japanese world from Quickspin. Sakura Fortune is an excellent five-reel and 40-line slot to play for real money or bitcoins. If you start playing, you will plunge into the enchanted and mythical world of golden dragons and trees that are flowering.

The new slot is both simple and stunning with its design and animation. The game screen is located on the background of a blossoming sakura tree, (Japanese cherry), and during the game, the heroine of the slot, the Japanese princess, fights with the evil emperors in order to get untold wealth and help her people.

All game characters have the same theme. For example, the most important symbol is the Japanese princess, who is also a Wild symbol and an activator of many bonus games that are present in the new slot. Among symbols, I can point out jade figurines, dragons, and gold coins. The game has several main bonuses:

  • Sakura Fortune & Its Respin. Respining starts the second when the princess symbol appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, but it should fully fill the game drum, after which you will receive 1, 2 or 3 free spins. The amount depends on how many characters you managed to receive.
  • Free Spins. It starts when three Bonus symbols appear. The player receives five free spins, during which the symbol of the Japanese princess, dropped on the reels 2, 3 or 4, will completely fill it and will be blocked for all remaining free spins. The good thing is that you do not need to enter any promo codes or any bonus code to receive free spins, as it is built into the actual gaming process.
  • Mystery Nudge. It starts when the princess symbol appears on the second and third reels, in full growth, after which you get two free spins, but at the same time, dropping a single wild symbol on the fourth reel also launches Mystery and the drum can push it down or to the top, bringing the opportunity to fill it completely.

The “Sakura Fortune” video slot is a great product from the Quickspin game provider, which can be run on any device with any operating system. So, if you are interested, please, try it out.

Sports & Live Betting

When I first saw the name of this casino, which is Skandibet, I was sure that this can provide only online betting, but I was wrong. It is the 2 in 1 service. Here, you can both play exciting casino games and set bets. 21 kinds of sports are available for you to set bets on. The whole listing of sport kinds can be observed on the picture attached above.

What about the picture that is the second one? This is a picture of “Live Betting” section. What does it mean? The section “Sports” (the first picture) shows all events, including live ones and those that are only going to happen soon, while “Live Betting” displays only live events, those that are happening at the moment. Accordingly, you can set bets while the play is on.

Versions of the Website

First of all, I would like to talk about language versions. As the casino carries the name Scandibet, it can make us wonder if it is connected to Scandinavian countries somehow. Well, I cannot say that for sure, but the casino’s motto is “Bet Like a Viking” and among available languages, we can find Swedish and Finnish (but English and German are also included, as they are known by a better part of people).

If start talking about other versions of Scandibet site, we should point out desktop version and mobile version. Luckily, visitors have access to both versions. Are you a big fan of playing with computers and do not consider mobile gadgets as the way to gamble? Enjoy playing with computers, then.

Do you love playing with mobile gadgets because they are small and do not cause problems about carrying them? Here you are, download Scandibet mobile app or use your browser for further playing. Maybe, you like both options and consider them both suitable, but suitable for different occasions. You are more than welcome to use both. This is your decision to reach.

What About Our Decision?

This would be the final point of my casino Scandibet review, and I want to thank you at first. Thanks for reading my article, I am really glad that you got to the end and hope that it was useful for you in terms of making a decision. Be sure, I know that it is hard to make the right casino decision, and this is the reason on why you receive help from me.

Protection Measures & Support 9.5/10
Comfortability of Using the Site 9.9/10
Games Diapason 9.7/10
Betting & Live Betting 9.3/10
Average 9.6/10

Of course, you can see my evaluation for yourself by taking a look at the columns above, but I think it would be great if I explained my decisions. I checked the Privacy Policy section carefully because I consider this section to be the most important one for all gamblers, and I am pretty sure that everyone needs to check it before playing with the casino.

The casino collects info that you provided during signing up operation and info that it collect during your sessions and actions for giving you further recommendations. In case if you need some help, you will be able to get it by email or live chat, but the working hours are limited. You need to pay attention to it.

The site was comfortable for me to use. All sections are displayed in the way which makes it easy to find the and make use of them. What about games? There is a wide diapason of slots and live casino games. So, fans of such types of games are welcome to play. Above, I have told you about one of my favorite slots that is named “Sakura Fortune”. Actually, I am a great fan of Japanese themes, so there is nothing strange about such choice of mine.

To be honest, I prefer playing games to betting, but still, I can say tat betting with Scandibet can be quite profitable. There are live events that you can bet on at the moment of event happening and events that are only going to happen, but can also accept your bets and do it before its start. 21 kinds of sport are available currently. Unfortunately, there is no deposit bonus or any such thing. Promotions are built into the games and can be gained during playing.

I am satisfied about Scandibet, especially about its thematic side. “Bet like a Viking”, it says. Agree, such slogan sounds attractive. If you are a fan of Vikings, if you are in love with Scandinavian themes, if you want to try slot “Sakura Fortune” or if you simply love gambling with qualitative portals, you are welcome in Scandibet casino. It is the choice you will not regret about.