author: C. Langley

Play Royal Vegas Casino – Play Not For Money, But For Pleasure!

A few words about Royal Play

This review will be devoted to another famous casino from a well-known company, which has already managed several online gambling portals under its control. This is a royal play casino. The casino is owned by Digimedia Limited Casinos, which in turn has several more online casinos.

Royal Play Casino is one of the very first since it was founded in 2000. Now the casino has become world famous. An online portal with over 100 different games is available and popular on many continents. Royal Play claims that playing on a casino site, not only winning the amount of money means victory. Any participation on the casino site is already a victory, since the player is playing for pleasure. During the game, he receives it, which means that he does not remain with anything. It is also worth saying in advance that not all Royal Play casinos are available for playing for real money. There is a list of countries where the casino is available only for fun, that is, all banking money transactions on the site are simply not available. Also, the casino is no longer functioning in Australia. It is also worth saying that it is with bank transfers that the site has the most problems.

The casino has a standard license from Malta (MGA). In addition, the casino also has approval from eCOGRA. Who does not know, this is an independent organization for resolving issues related to gambling. This difference may indicate that all operations occurring in online casinos are absolutely safe and reliable. On the casino website you can find a special section in which you can find a listing of all banking systems, thanks to which you can withdraw or charge money to the site.

The casino site offers a profitable and generous bonus offer that a player can receive when registering. In addition, the casino has a loyalty program. The variety of games on the site is quite extensive, and all thanks to the game developers with whom the site collaborates.

You can also find standard ways on the Play Royal Casino website to contact support services for help. A big plus of the casino will be that the casino provides hotline phones with an appropriate operator for many countries. This shows how much the casino takes care of its players, because usually the casino has only one hotline phone, or is it completely absent.

Well, the first impression of the site is much nicer than they write about it on portals and in reviews. So let’s get to the details of the Play Royal Vegas casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

The Royal Play Vegas casino site offers its players, as they describe, a wide variety of promotions and bonuses. But in fact, the casino does not reveal its cards right away. All that is on the site for new registrations is a welcome bonus. Nevertheless, the site offers its players a newsletter of current bonuses and promotions in the mail. So that the player is always up to date on new updates on the site.

So, what does the casino all the same offer when registering on the site. The welcome bonus is 200% for a maximum of 2000 credits. What does this mean – now explain. 2000 credits – means that you can deposit $2000 on the site, since one loan is equal to one dollar. When registering on the site, a player automatically receives 400 credits as a welcome bonus, for the next game. In addition to these loans, the player receives a 200% bonus for the amount that the player decides to deposit on the site. That’s how the casino neatly coined, a monetary designation with the help of loans.

To receive a welcome bonus, you do not need to enter a bonus code or a promotional code. The player will have the opportunity to receive a bonus at the time when he decides to make the first deposit. If a player is in a country in which such a welcome bonus does not work, he will have the opportunity to simply earn loans by playing games and moving forward through the loyalty system. Every day, going to his account, the player receives free credits in order to accumulate them further or spend on your favorite games. If the player still chose to save credits, he will have the opportunity to get into the leaderboard. If you get into the leaderboard in the top 10, you will be waiting for new prizes and rewards for prizes. The casino simply assures that it is not a matter of victories, but of getting as much pleasure as possible on the site.

In addition, the casino has prepared an interesting loyalty program, which in turn will bring players big bonuses and privileges.

Loyalty Points and Credits

What is all the same a loyalty program on the site of the casino Play Royal Vegas. Loyalty program, like many others, similar to other programs on other casino sites. The system involves steps of several levels, advancing through which, you can earn points by making bets on the casino website. The first step is called Bronze. Upon registration, the player automatically receives 2500 loyalty points. The player receives these points by making the first deposit. Further, depending on how many points a player receives, the greater the percentage of bonus on his account. It is worth noting that one loyalty point is equal to one euro contributed. In total, this loyalty program has six levels. The first we have already disassembled. The second is Silver, which provides the opportunity to receive a 25% bonus on discounts. The bonus that is provided to players at this level consists of 3%. The next level is Gold, with a bonus of 6%, with monthly bonuses of 20,000 points and with daily discounts of more than 50%. The fourth level is Platinum, and here players will receive a bonus of 8%, a monthly bonus of 40,000 points, and discounts of 75%. The penultimate bonus is called Rhombus, and there are already 100% discounts and 100,000 points. The last and most prestigious level is Privé, and only players by invitation can enter it. At this level, a player can already receive 150,000 points for a loyalty program.

This system has many of its nuances and tricks, for example, such that monthly points will be available only a week after receiving a new level. And the first time can only be charged at the old level, for example, Golden. Every day, players will receive daily bonus percentages for their participation in the loyalty program. So do not neglect the opportunity to join the program and take advantage of its bonuses.

About Withdrawals

Now let’s talk about the most unpleasant part of the casino section, these are money withdrawals and transfers. In the case of safety and reliability, you cannot worry. A good license and approval from eCOGRA gives complete security and confidence that all monetary transactions on the site are absolutely safe and reliable. The casino site offers several different systems with which you can make transfers. These are systems such as Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPass. The site even shows which banking systems are most suitable for the country where you are located. Using these systems, you can both deposit money to the site and withdraw. The main thing is that cash transactions were available in your country, and it was possible to play for real money and, accordingly, bets. The commission and the time for calculating the money depend on which system the player has chosen.

And here the fun begins. The casino has a huge number of negative reviews that players are not credited with money on their accounts. If usual, the withdrawal process takes a maximum of seven business days, at the Play Royal Vegas casino this business will take seven months. That casino just does not want to charge you money, it will ignore letters with documents proving your identity, and only after a warning letter about complaints all over the Internet, the casino will decide that it is time to pay the money. This is not entirely good for the reputation of the casino, and for the other players, too, since money withdrawals are the second, or even the first, that interests any players. For such an inappropriate attitude, the casino can be awarded a fairly low score.


It is worth noting that, thanks to its game developer, the casino site has a nice design, made with the help of characters from slots at the casino. Yes, yes, just one developer. All slots, and all games that can be found on the site, are all the creations of a provider named Microgaming. This is a significant minus of the casino, since the variety of games is significantly reduced. The graphics of the games, although pleasant, but monotonous, as there is only one developer. Nevertheless, the casino still pleases its players with a choice of more than 100 slots and other card and table games.

All games on the casino website are conveniently located in categories and sections. For example, the site has a section For You, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and all games together. It is also worth noting that in countries where it is not possible to bet on real money, there is, accordingly, no section of the Live Casino. Which is very sad. But it’s fair, since a live casino is an opportunity only to play with real live dealers at real bets.

So, the Slots at the Play Royal casino site in the largest assortment. They are most of all here, Unfortunately, for each separate game there is no brief description, but in general it is not required. Since all the games on the casino website have one developer, there is no sense in looking for games by their providers in the description. It is also worth saying that all games can be added to Favorites. Also, games may be marked with a twinkle, which will mean that the game is now one of the most popular on the site. Also on the site there is a search bar with which you can find the game on your own.

In the Video Poker section, the player can find more than 28 different variations of poker, all from one “producer”. The game selection panel looks absolutely convenient and relaxed. Choosing a game on the site here is very simple and easy, since all games are located close to each other.

Roulette is another of the most popular games on the site, without which casinos are not casinos. Roulette here is also provided in several variations, for fans to spin the wheel. Here you can find European, American and French Roulette. Anything you want. Here you can also select games as favorites and watch it in the top or not.

The next and last section is Blackjack. The famous game at 21 here is in a special variety. There are also several versions of this game, where each player can find their preference.

Thus, it is worth saying that although all the games on the casino site are from the same developer, they are in a wide variety. There is plenty to choose from and there is something to stop. The game to receive bonuses by playing on the casino site becomes even more interesting. So it’s worth saying that the quality of the games and their variety are pleasantly pleasing. There is unfortunately no section for Scratch cards or just for the rest of the board games, but for those who love the old casino format, we think this is not a problem.

Support System

The functioning of the support service and the functioning of bank transfers on the casino website are closely interconnected. Even because when a player decides to make his first money withdrawal, he will need to send managers several documents confirming his identity. After the managers from the support service review the application, they will decide whether it is possible to allow the player to withdraw money from the site or whether he played according to the rules and it is impossible to withdraw money from the site. So, the site offers a standard chain of possible methods for contacting support. This is live chat – email address – hotline. It is worth starting, most likely with a hotline phone, since the phones on the site are actually very large. For so many countries. The site has its own telephone hotline. And it is really amazing and nice. Since on some sites there are no hotline phones at all, and here there are several of them. Especially for each country. This is all designed so that players from Canada, England or New Zealand, Australia can talk on the phone, explaining the problem on a question that is convenient for them, rather than adapting to one language.

Next is a live chat. In order to start a live chat, you need to open an additional window, which the casino opens for you independently. When you enter the chat, you will immediately see the welcome message, and then in less than ten seconds, the manager will answer you in the chat. Players who commented on forms complained that live chat managers were unable to answer money transfer questions. And here email comes to the rescue. The user can calmly paint his problem or question of interest in a long letter. The main thing is to convey your thoughts clearly and correctly, so that managers respond instantly.

Site Navigation and Account

Now let’s move on to the most pleasant thing that is in general at the Play Royal Vegas casino. What the casino really can be proud of. This is his site. The fact is, the casino site is as successful as possible. The casino site has a convenient menu that quickly redirects the player to the section he needs, convenient location of games and everything else on the site. It is also worth noting that the casino before and after registration on it looks completely different. Prior to this is just an informative page that introduces you to the casino. Here the site tries to convince you to register and start playing on this casino site. After registration, the site looks more structured and displays the player his account. In addition to all the amenities that the site provides, it also provides the ability to change the base color of the casino to dark or light. This is a very big plus, since the standard dark themes of the casino are not always pleasant to the eye, which can not be said about the bright theme, on which everything that is presented on the site is visible. However, the casino site will translate into many languages. This is English, and Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian and also Greek. And this is not the whole list.

Creating an account on the casino website is quite simple. It takes five minutes, no more. The casino will simply provide you with the form that you need to fill out, immediately showing whether the information in the fields is entered correctly or not. There is a separate plus for this casino.

It must also be said that the casino site is very conveniently tuned for mobile versions. That is, on tablets and phones of any brand, the casino version will look great. All games are the same available both on the PC and in the mobile version, and all functions too. So we recommend that you try it if possible. This version of the casino can be even more convenient than the version on the PC.

Final Review

Teperb, being at the final point, you can safely take stock of our review of Play Royal Vegas casino. It is worth first of all to say that the first thing that catches your eye, or rather by ear, is the long name of the casino. And it is also worth saying that such a high-profile name of the casino does not meet its presentability and quality. The casino has many shortcomings, for example, such as just one game provider, the lack of a live casino in games, the prohibition on making real money bets in many countries, and the lack of respect for how it comes to making money.

But not everything is as bad as it might seem from the first glance. The casino has a pretty good site. It is perfectly adjusted and tuned for each player individually, so to speak. The ability to independently choose the background color of the casino is very pleasing.

The casino has a very interesting loyalty program, which starts from the very first moment of registration on the site. Also a nice welcome bonus, which very generously lures new users to the site. As for money transfers, here the site does not deserve praise. Although the site has a good license and approval from eCOGRA. But the problem is precisely that the site does not always want to pay money to its players. This is a clear minus.

The casino has a fast and efficient support service that provides several hotline phones for communication, lightning fast live chat, as well as the ability to write letters to the casino’s electronic address. But then again, live chat managers will not help you with money transfer issues.

The ability to play games on the site both in mobile and on the PC version will not leave anyone indifferent. All functions and all games are equally available for playing on the site. As for the games, they are all from one provider. Nevertheless, they are good and very qualitative.

In general, it’s not possible to say that the Play Royal Vegas casino is very bad, but not to say that it is perfect. So this is a good option for people who are wary of gambling addiction – here you can play games without making bets.