author: C. Langley

NoBonus Casino: Play Both Mobile and Desktop Versions

It is not a secret for any gambler or even ordinary person who is not connected to gambling that casino industry is one of the most popular these days. And you know, if in the past land-based casinos were the most popular ones, now the situation is completely different.

Most countries started forbidding operating of land based casinos. So, what is this that land-based casinos needed to do? Nobody can argue that the best way for craziness way to move into the world of online gambling which is full of opportunities to grow and gain more and more customers from all parts of the world. A lot of people say that a bad situations are also good situations. This is a simple philosophy. I am sure that the better part of casino owners were upset about for forbidding landed operating but then they understood that online gambling is even better and more profitable.

Now, you have the ability to enjoy playing with online casinos without having a necessity to get out of your couch or your bed and start gambling right from home where you feel comfortable. Is not it wonderful? But you must be attentive anyway. As the Internet market keeps growing in terms of online casinos, the possibility of getting deceived also grows, as some unreliable platforms can blend in and characterize themselves as trustworthy ones, but, please, do not believe everything you see.

My biggest recommendation on today for you will be reading a lot of reviews that were written by experienced players and professional gambling experts. Also, you can watch different video reviews and check the ratings of a particular gambling platform that you think about as about future place to gamble. Well, you need time for it and now your time is taken by me, so, please, scroll down and check my own review on one of the best casinos in this year.

Is NoBonus Casino a Good Decision or Not?

If you asked if NoBonus Casino is worth it or not, my answer would be univocal and I would say that this casino is worth your attention. Despite the fact that this casino was established in the year 2013, which is relatively recently, it is successful enough to recommend it to you. Players from countries, such as Canada, such as England, such as New Zealand and others enjoy playing here. But we need to show you some proofs, right?

So, scroll down to see what features No Bonus casino includes. I will tell you about live gaming, about recorded games, about payment methods, about safety measures, about deposit and no deposit bonus, about free spins and other promotions, about support center, about FAQ and much more. Note that this casino can be played with mobile gadgets as well as with desktop ones without necessity to download No Bonus application.

Live Casino Gaming

I want to start talking about NoBonus features starting with live casino gaming. Of course, NoBonus can offer lots of games, but gamers are too different, so it is a necessity to meets the needs of each player. There is a part of gamblers that cannot imagine their life without live games. They think that recorded games are not that exciting and venturous as live games are.

In this casino, you can start gambling by loading such games as blackjack, as roulette, as baccarat and other games in live mode. Here, you can experience not only classic versions of games, but also unusual and special variations of them. So, if you are a fan of live casinos or want to try it for the first time, you are welcome to do it. Real dealers are waiting for you 24/7. Start instant play and join the live team.

Gaming Casino Spectrum

This is a real action movie with explosions, shooting, combat missions, and, of course, with beautiful girls. However, here, they do not act as defenseless victims, they act like the main characters, who can compete with the brave American commandos without any problems.

“Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat” is the most primitive gaming slot in terms of game mechanics: nothing depends on the actions of players here, and you can only rely on luck. The reason is simple: there is a fixed number of active lines, there are 243 of them in the game. That is why this slot can be recommended only to beginners: the professionals will definitely get bored here.

What about game’s special symbols? Nothing new awaits us here: there are usually two symbols, such as “Scatter” and “Wild.” The “Wild” symbol, depicted as a game logo, can play the role of any picture necessary before receiving a winning combination. Of course, this does not apply to the scatter symbol. In addition, if this symbol appears on the third reel, it will fill it completely. Combinations of “Wild” symbols count if they start from the first reel: for three such symbols they will give 640 credits, 1280 for four symbols and 6400 for five symbols.

Combinations of scatter symbols (an image of a bunch of two grenades) add up even if they fall on different lines. The biggest winnings are given for them: 480, 960, 4800, 48,000 credits for a combination of 2, 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, respectively. In addition to this, if three or more of these symbols appear on the reel, free spins will be triggered.

What to say about free spins in details? 15 such games are given. They pass at the last bet, and during them there is a high probability that one of the random reels will be completely filled with “wild” symbols. During such games, winnings reach extraordinary values sometimes. See for yourself by visiting and playing this slot.

Banking Options for Clients

To commit deposit transfer, you have 8 options on the offer. The first one is Visa (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $25), the second is MasterCard (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $25), the third one is Interact Online (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $25), the fourth one is EcoPayz (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $25).

The fifth one is iDebit (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $25), the sixth one is Interact e-Transfer (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $10), the seventh one is (transaction time is instant, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $25) and the eighth one is Bank Transfer (transaction time is i3 days, fees are not charged, minimum sum to deposit is $30).

To commit withdraw transfer, you have 4 options on the offer. The first one is iDebit (transaction time is 1 workday, fees are not charged, minimum sum to withdraw is $50), the second one is Interact e-Transfer (transaction time is 1 workday, fees are not charged, minimum sum to withdraw is $20), the third one is EcoPayz (transaction time is 1 workday, fees are not charged, minimum sum to withdraw is $50) and the fourth one is Bank Transfer (transaction time is 1 workday, fees are charged in the sum of $15, minimum sum to withdraw is $50).

If you pay attention to my advice, I would recommend to use the same service for both deposit and withdraw operations. But that is what is comfortable for me, and I cannot guarantee that this is the best way for you, but still, I think that using the same method requires less headache.

Where to Receive Help?

“Where to Receive Help?” is an eternal question among players, as they know that troubles may happen on their ways. So, due to such conditions, they need to be fully prepared. So, what to do in case you get in trouble? I will tell you about a couple options for getting in touch with NoBonus workers. Scroll down.

  1. Of course, you can notice that the casino offer three different options to get in touch with NoBonus workers, but let’s start with the first one which supposes using live chat that was built-in inside website. To open it, please, click on one of three violet horizontal lines that are located on the left-hand side.
  2. Let’s continue with the second option which supposes using telephone support. To make use of this method, please, take a look at the same horizontal lines and, especially, on the middle one. There, you will find telephone number using which you can call the casino administration.
  3. And now, let’s finish with the third option which supposes using email support. So, how does this process work? Everything is too simple. You do not even need to copy casino’s email and send your message using mail’s site or mobile app. All you need is to fulfill all the fields that are required in the violet email window which you can take a look at below.

What is FAQ?

In case if you are too shy to ask for help or you are sure that this will make no sense, as answers can be found on the NoBonus casino site, you are welcome to search through it. FAQ section contains those questions that gamblers are looking for the most frequently. I liked a lot that they were not displayed as a solid column with all available questions. They were divided into ten categories, so, as for me, it is convenience when you know what you are looking for approximately and can simply pick suitable category and not scroll through the whole FAQ section.

So, at the moment, you can open categories, such as “Casino”, “Live Casino”, “Registration”, “Bonus”, “Technical”, “Customer Support”, “Payments”, “Withdrawals”,  “Account Query” and “Security Query”. Agree, it is comfortable.

Anybody Needs Cashback?

What I like the most about some banking institutions is that they provide its clients with the ability to pay for goods with the help of their credit cards and send me a piece of cashback. It’s the little things, but they’re nice, you know. So, what is this all about? I am trying to say that casino No Bonus can offer you the same.

The terms and rules of No Bonus platform literally tell that you need to create an account (well, it only takes a couple minutes), then try your own luck on casino’s games and then receive cashback in the percentage of 10% the next day. No wagering are required from you and existing players.

Things to Say About Promotions

Well, you may wonder why there is a paragraph that is devoted to promotions if the casino is named as NoBonus. And you are right about thinking this way. This casino really does not offer welcome bonuses, no deposit bonus programs or something like that. Therefore, welcome bonus code and other codes are not available too.

Though, it does not mean that this casino does not please its customers. They are just rewarded in other ways, such as 10% cashback from each money transfer, such as providing customers with qualitative game offers, such as gaining free spins during playing games (slots, particularly) and so on. Play mobile and desktop games and manage to collect prizes within them. It is more than possible.

Safety of Precious Players

First of all, it is worth noticing that No Bonus casino was the one who had gained license from the UK GC (stands for Gambling Commision). As you know (or just found out), this gambling authority is one of the most respected ones, and be sure, if the casino that you chose has their license, it will be able to be counted as a sign of reliability.

Actually, that is no the end of licensing and signs of reliability. The casino is also counted as the owner of the other license which was given by the MGA. So, as you can see, the other one among respected gambling authorities granted No Bonus its precious trust in documents.

If you scroll to the bottom of No Bonus page, you will notice a couple paragraphs about safety and using your personal information. I have studied it carefully and can retell you what is displayed over there. The casino promises that no personal data of yours will be used for commercial purposes or sold to some unfamiliar parties. They say that your information is used only within the service “territory”.

Me Verdict and Evaluation

Live Games 9.7/10
Recorded Games 9.4/10
Support Service & FAQ 9.3/10
Security Measures 9.8/10
Banking Options 9/10
Average Evaluation 9.4/10

This is it. If you are here, it means that you read this article to the end for which I am pretty thankful. In turn, I hope that my review was useful for you and made unclear moments clear. For now, I would feel good to put the review’s pieces into one solid verdict. Well, what did I like about NoBonus casino?

As you can notice, the casino was not rated 10 out of 10 from me. The main reason for it is the absence of bonuses for newbies. When players start playing here, they know what is waiting for them, but still, they would be pleased if there were any welcome bonuses or promos for existing players. But, at the moment, bonuses can be gained only within the games. Though, everything has its good sides. For example, when you play, you will be more motivated to win. Is not is good?

I liked the diapason of NoBonus games, as it includes different table games, different slots, different card games, different jackpot games and, YES, live games that a lot of gamers dream about. At least, I do. But I am sure that there are lots of people like me. So, I am satisfied with the provided gaming.

Do you know what bought me? Licensing it is. Both licenses were gained from two of the strictest gambling authorities in the world that are respected even in the farest places of our world, such as Australia, for example. They are known everywhere, and when a portal receives their licenses, they become respected too. The main thing about No Bonus casino is how they protect customers. That’s for sure.

So, that is all for now. The list of advantages comes to the end of our review, and this will be a good moment to wish you luck with playing in one of the best gambling portals in the whole world. Go to www.nobonuscasino and gain money, respect and experience. You can do everything you want to do.